Request for consultation

and respect for the by-laws and wishes of lower tier municipalities by County Councils  (& resolution)

The Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail Management Plan Dec 2017 draft

This 58 page draft produced by Lanark County and partners


Final recommendations -- June 2017 --  carried by Mississippi Mills Council and sent to Lanark County Council 

Friends of OVRT "get the word out" handout

Two-sided page pdf to download


Residents for a Healthier Almonte

produced this handout 



Friends of OVRT power point presentation (PPT)

FOVRT wants to build a new asset in Lanark County based on the promotion of non-motorized portions of OVRT. Lanark County can help do this, while still protecting existing assets (other existing trail networks and access to services for motorized users)

Friends of OVRT one-pager

“It’s an exciting connection through the Valley, from Carleton Place to Mississippi Mills - looped into neighbouring trail systems of the City of Ottawa.”   


Friends of the Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail Information Sheet

The availability of a non-motorized pathway running through and between our towns is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Awareness of active healthy lifestyle choices has never been greater than it is right now.


Notes and references to the brochure: The Myths and Facts about “Shared Use” Trails in Nova Scotia

"ATVs create a 2 mile 'auditory footprint' – one mile coming and one mile going that create community stress"


13 possible questions to pose at County Open Houses

And what is the FOVRT "ask" of County? To have a portion of the trail specifically designated as non-motorized recreational trail. Sections including the stretch between CP and Almonte and from Almonte through "urban" Pakenham. This request made in the name of developing a new asset for our communities.


An article in theHumm February 2017 issue

"Motorized use of a trail does not mix with seniors and families who will be walking on the path. Those with mobility constraints do not feel safe sharing trails with fast-moving noisy motorized vehicles. Friends of OVRT is advocating for a friendly path that provides a safe route for all recreational users from 8 to 80 years old, local and tourist."


Measuring Trails Benefits: Property Value

Headwater Economics - a report from Spring 2016

And further data discussed at this site: Active Trails Whitehorse Assoc.


Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail

Arnprior - Mississippi Mills- Carleton Place - Beckwith


Larger, regional map

This map shows cycle loops from Ottawa in regards to cycle tourism potential of a non-motorized trail in Mississippi Mills, Carleton Place and Beckwith.


County of Lanark trail proposal handout

This is not a Friends of Ottawa Valley Rec Trail document.