Latest on the OVRT bypass / compromise through Almonte


On Tuesday, March 6, Mississippi Mills Council passed a motion of compromise that allows snowmobiles and accessibility through the Almonte ward with an ATV by-pass through Rae Road, County Road No. 29 and Blakeney Road. The motion passed 8-2. This proposal will be brought forward to the Lanark County Economic Development Committee on March 28th. To download a map of the proposed bypass, please visit this page. 

If you are encouraged and supportive of this compromise and want to see it approved by Lanark County Council, please email County Councillors (all emails are at this page). Let them know why accessibility is important and avoiding conflicts between recreational vehicles and walkers of all ages and abilities is important.

There has been much media coverage of the most recent events and discussions around the OVRT in Mississippi Mills. Here are some of the stories...

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