Without transparent consultation, Lanark County is building a road not a trail (definitely not an accessible, safe trail)

Below is the motion being introduced at Wednesday's Lanark County Council's Economic Development Committee meeting. This OVRT motion (and the motion's suggested grade of gravel for the trail) will make the OVRT a motorized thoroughfare:  


Chief Administrative Officer, Kurt Greaves

Suggested Motion:

“THAT, County Council supports in principal the future lease of a portion of the siding in Carleton Place between Coleman and Moore Streets to the Town of Carleton Place;

AND THAT, once the survey is complete the draft lease is brought back to County Council for approval;

AND THAT, County Council supports the building of the entire OVRT to a consistent standard of 4.0m wide plus 0.5m shoulders 5/8 granular M wherever possible;

AND THAT, any local municipality who wants to enhance the trail, beyond the minimum standard of 4.0m wide plus 0.5 shoulders granular M, at their cost for capital and future maintenance is encouraged to bring forward a proposal to County Council;

AND THAT, the entire trail be designated multi-use (motorized and non-motorized);

AND THAT, County Council review the approved uses for the trail in 2021 (after two years of year round operation).”

To read the agenda / motion online at the County site, please visit:




16mm (5/8”) Crusher Run is also referred to as Granular “M”. It is a minus 16mm (5/8″) material primarily used for shoulders, finish grading and driveways.

5/8” gravel is entirely inappropriate for wheelchairs and baby strollers. Accessible pathways use stonedust. This type of gravel would possibly be suitable for mountain bikes, but not for families with hybrid bikes, seniors or children on bikes or roadies. 

Lanark County's consultation process has mainly centred around consultation with snowmobile clubs. The county has certainly NOT consulted with user groups that represent vulnerable groups (seniors, children and those with accessible needs). Also, please see this illuminating articleCrunching the data from County rail trail meetings

If you do not agree with the above motion, please make your voice heard on this matter at Lanark County Council. Send your email to the County Clerk and the Warden and request that it is circulated to all County Councillors. Be sure to copy our Mississippi Mills and Carleton Place representatives on Council so that they know how you feel. 

Emails: clerk@lanarkcounty.ca, warden@lanarkcounty.ca, ldrynan@lanarkcounty.ca, jfenik@rideau.net, smclaughlin@mississippimills.ca, jtorrance@mississippimills.ca, lantonakos@sympatico.ca, jerryflynn@rogers.com