News items & letter to Lanark County Councillors & Administrators

Three news articles in the Millstone News lately, all worth a read...

Tale of Two Rail Trails (Millstone News, September 3, 2017)

Safety First on Trail (Millstone News, September 6, 2017)

Interim Lanark County decision on Almonte rail trail (Millstone News, September 7, 2017)

Also, the Friends of the Ottawa Valley Rail Trail wrote the following letter. We have not received any response to date...

September 5, 2017    

Lanark County Councillors and  Lanark County Administration  (Sent via emails)        

Lanark County Councillors, CAO Kurt Greaves and administration,    

I am writing on behalf of the Friends of the Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail (FOVRT), a group supporting the development of the rail trail as a non-motorized, active transportation greenway.  

FOVRT wishes to register with the Lanark County Council and its administration our organization’s wholehearted support for the compromise trail-use solution presented by the Mississippi Mills Council. We support a non-motorized trail designation within the ward of Almonte and the enhancement of the existing bypasses for motorized recreational vehicle users around our community.

FOVRT sees the need for this special designation primarily as a serious safety issue, with concerns for the likelihood of conflicts between motorized users and residents and accidents in our neighbourhoods and downtown cores.  Members of FOVRT also have concerns about policing and bylaw enforcement, conflicts with residents and active transportation users, the loss of tourism opportunities for the Almonte heritage district, and the loss of enjoyment of property and property values for those residents adjacent to the trail.

FOVRT requests the Lanark County Council recognize the trail-use plan arrived at by the Mississippi Mills Council through its extensive public consultations. We ask the Lanark County Council to respect the will of our elected representatives, and wishes of the residents of Mississippi Mills and vast majority of downtown business owners. Should the County choose otherwise, then the FOVRT asks that the County Warden Bill Dobson or CAO Kurt Greaves to provide a written response justifying its course of action so that we might share it with our network of supporters and have it for future reference.


Chris George,  FOVRT Secretary