Mississippi Mills Council passes motion to support MM OVRT taskforce report

On June 27, 2017, Mississippi Mills Council reviewed the final recommendations put forward by the community-focused OVRT Taskforce that proposed compromises for the use of the trail. The recommendations were forwarded to the County of Lanark. As part of the recommendations, Mississippi Mills Council is asking that the County adopt, in principal, the recommendations set out in the final OVRT Taskforce report. The report indicates that there will be by-passes around downtown Almonte for snowmobiles and ATVs.  

Click here to read the Final MM Taskforce Report (which was pages 56-73 of the Mississippi Mills Council agenda for June 27, 2017)

Here is the wording of the motion that passed Council:

"That Mississippi Mills Council recommends to County Council: 

That the County of Lanark adopt, in principle, the recommendations contained in the Mississippi Mills OVRT Taskforce Final Recommendations Report;   

And that Mississippi Mills work with ATV and snowmobile user groups to identify specific bypass options and required upgrades"

So, Mississippi Mills Council has listened to its residents and developed a policy that will have no motorized vehicles on the portion of the trail within the town boundaries of Almonte.  FOVRT suggests that this is a first step on a longer trail.  Lanark County Council must now receive and integrate Mississippi Mills trail policy.  And other communities may wish to re-assess what this can mean for their residents.

FOVRT wishes to thank those volunteers who worked on the Taskforce and participated in its meetings. We acknowledge the support and hard work of Councillors Jill McCubbin and John Edwards, as well as the strong support of Almonte Councillor Alex Gillis. Finally, we want to indicate our thanks and on-going support to Councillor Jane Torrance and Mayor Shaun McLaughlin, both of whom supported the non-motorized designation in Almonte and will be championing Mississippi Mills trail policy to the Lanark County Council. 

Friends of the Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail will keep you informed of the decision-making processes as they unfold in the next few months in Mississippi Mills and at the Lanark County Council. If you know of someone who wants to be kept informed on this matter, have them contact the FOVRT @ chrisg.george@gmail.com.