Possible decision tonight at Lanark County Council

At tonight's Lanark County Council meeting, councillors will consider whether there may be any designations for user groups on the rail trail or whether they will simply designate the full length of the 297 km trail as multi-use. 

The good news is that there is an option that will be entertained that allows for limited use within the boundaries of Almonte. (This option is not ideal, nor straight-forward, but it does demonstrate there is movement of opinion with the County Councillors and administration and a willingness to consider by-passes around the town.) This option reads: 


Chief Administrative Officer, Kurt Greaves

Suggested Motion:

“THAT, the Economic Development Committee recommends to County Council the following:

THAT, the Lanark County portion of the Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail be designated as multi-use;

AND THAT, the definition of multi-use include all methods of self-propelled transportation, as well as horseback riding, snowmobiles, ATVs, and side-by-sides;

AND THAT, if a local municipality comes forward with bypass solutions that they are prepared to support and fund, that County Council would consider such alternatives.”

Report #CAO-11-2017 - Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail "Usage" - Pdf

Should this option be accepted, it will then go before County Council for a vote in early June. And if passed then, it is our assessment that it will provide the flexibility to have designations for non-motorized use reviewed in Almonte as well as on other parts of the trail (perhaps in Carleton Place and between our two communities.) 

If anyone is interested in attending the Lanark County Council, here are the details. 

Lanark County Council Meeting 

Wednesday, May 24 @ 5 pm 

Council Chambers 

99 Christie Lake Road, Perth

Friends of the Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail will keep you informed as the decision-making processes unfold over the next 4-5 weeks at the County Council and at the Mississippi Mills OVRT Task Force. The progress report from the MM OVRT Task force is found here.

Chris George 

Secretary of Friends of OVRT